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Our Philosophy

What started as a small mom and pop store in the Eighties, 7-Dollar Beauty Supply, Inc. has become one of the leaders in wholesale distribution of beauty supplies in the United States. This success is attributed to the business philosophy they adopted ever since their humble beginning.

Our first and foremost ideology is competitive prices. 7-Dollar Beauty Supply, Inc. is dedicated to providing yearlong competitive prices on all of our merchandise. In addition, each month we have monthly promotional sales on selected items to bring better prices to our customers. The greatest savings are given at our biannual sale meetings where majority of hair care products are on sale or heavily discounted.

Our second ideology is service and convenience. Everyday, 7-Dollar Beauty Supply, Inc. is committed to providing the best service to our customers by helping them achieve a successful retail business. By using the latest technology in our invoicing software, 7-Dollar Beauty Supply, Inc. can identity a customer’s buying habits and tailor his or her requirements with our sales associates to assist in future purchases. New hardware and software packages are available through 7-Dollar Beauty Supply, Inc. to use in conjunction with this invoicing software to make purchases and inventory control more convenient for our retail customers.

Our third ideology is to develop loyalty with our customers. 7-Dollar Beauty Supply, Inc. firmly believes that each customer’s success depends on coexisting and mutually benefiting one another. The customer’s loyalty to 7-Dollar Beauty Supply, Inc. is considered important because it creates a business relationship based on trust and respect. The goal of any company is to be successful, but 7-Dollar Beauty Supply, Inc.’s primary goals are to be successful together with our customers.

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