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Our Story

In 1986, 7-Dollar Beauty Supply opened its first retail beauty supply store in Dallas, Texas. It was a small, quaint store and our customers were people in the neighborhood we had grown to know.

At the time, 7-Dollar Beauty Supply ’s goals were simple: keep prices under seven dollars; provide knowledgeable service; and foster loyalty with our customers. Within a few months, this business plan grew into a thriving business. Soon, our customers were requesting products we didn’t carry and beauticians were asking for more professional products.

7-Dollar Beauty Supply responded by providing more variety than requested and continued to offer competitive prices. The demand for more products meant more inventories and ultimately a larger showroom. When the original 7-Dollar Beauty Supply outgrew their location, they opened another store to display their ever-growing variety of hair care products. Within a few years, 7-Dollar Beauty Supply’s competitive advantages were bringing in customers who owned their own beauty supply stores.

Eventually, this new breed of customers required lower prices, more informative product knowledge, superior service, and greater loyalty. This caused 7-Dollar Beauty Supply to change their business from retail to wholesale. To foster this new business venture, 7-Dollar Beauty Supply opened its first warehouse and was dedicated to serving the retail beauty supply industry.

In 2001, 7-Dollar Beauty Supply was incorporated and moved to its current location at 2666 Manana Drive in Dallas, Texas. Within twenty years, a small quaint store has become the largest distributor of hair care products in North Texas.

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